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Eco-friendly Asphalt Paving for a Greener Corporate Initiative

Environmentally-friendly, sustainable commercial and industrial business practices are essential in modern America. We know this because we see the importance of this ourselves at Michigan Paving & Materials. The asphalt paving industry of today is not the asphalt paving industry of yesterday. Production has gotten much cleaner. In fact, since 1970, “the asphalt industry has decreased its total emissions by 97%, while increasing production by a whopping 250%!”

Asphalt is a Green Option When it Comes to Commercial and Industrial Paving

Asphalt today can be a rather green choice for commercial and industrial paving needs. To better explain why asphalt can be the most environmentally-friendly and sustainable paving solution, we compiled a list of facts about asphalt.

  1. According to a study published in 2005, asphalt pavements require approximately 20% less energy to produce and construct compared to other types of pavements.
  2. According to the EPA, the asphalt industry is America’s top recycler. The asphalt industry reclaims approximately 100,000,000 tons of asphalt annually, and recycles about 95 million tons.
  3. Asphalt production and construction is low in energy consumption, low in greenhouse gas emission, and conserves natural resources through large-scale recycling initiatives.
  4. Glass, rubber from used tires, and asphalt roofing shingles can be recycled and used for new asphalt paving.
  5. Numerous studies have shown that asphalt pavements do not leach, which is important for preventing groundwater contamination.
  6. Asphalt is often used to line our drinking water reservoirs even. Additionally, it is commonly used to line the water pipes we use for drinking.
  7. Asphalt is used by wildlife agencies and the state agencies in Oregon and Washington to line their fish rearing ponds.
  8. Asphalt leaves a much smaller carbon footprint than concrete.

Energy Savings When Using Asphalt

Asphalt can be considered an eco-friendly, sustainable paving solution. In addition to some of the benefits mentioned above, warm mixes of asphalt used during construction can be even further beneficial to the environment; warm mixes require less energy to produce.

Interested in Sustainable Paving Practices? Contact Michigan Paving & Materials Today

Michigan Paving and Materials is an environmental leader in all aspects of our industry. Each year we recycle over 1,000,000 tons of old asphalt pavements to reuse in our asphalt mixes. All our asphalt plants comply with regulations, and we continually seek out innovative ways to improve our business operations. We strive to produce the highest quality paving solutions as cleanly and efficiently as possible. If you are interested in learning more about our eco-friendly paving solutions for your industrial and commercial needs, please contact us today!

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