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Over 12 years of safety for Monroe Oil Terminal

IMG_5871As a company we focus on importance of safety with every employee when they are hired in as well as yearly refreshers. Our Monroe Oil Terminal has knocked it out of the park with over 12 years without a lost time accident!

IMG_5868-1This is a great accomplishment that not many companies can promote. As CRH states in Our Values - “Put Safety First- We value safety. We protect and look out for each other. Safety is a shared, uncompromised value.” Our managers at every location take pride in educating the employees and workers to get each home safe at the end of a work day.IMG_5878

Monroe Oil Terminal has 17 employees and has gone 4,500 days without a lost time accident. Ed Armatis the Monroe Terminal Division Manager stated, “We have a great team here and have the right people in the right positions to safely get the job done. Our veteran employees step up daily to train new hires and help them improve.”  

CONGRATULATIONS again to our Monroe Terminal for the great accomplishment!

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